Insert Jaws Theme Music Here

24 08 2010

Below is a picture of something we encountered on the beach at Cape Lopez last weekend.  There are a lot of local fishermen in the area and many of them set out nets in the morning and retrieve their catch later in the day.  I’m assuming this guy got caught in a net and was brought in and gutted on the beach.  I would say the width of his head, eye to eye, would be about a foot and a half.  Joe immediately stated that he was NOT swimming on this side of our ‘island’ if there were sharks that big out there!




2 responses

24 08 2010

Hey U 2; I would hate to meet this guy face to face. Do you see people swimming? Give me a pool any day. No Jaws to worry about.

24 08 2010

Quite a few people swim and surf there. I’d rather a pool too!

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