Chez Nous

15 01 2011

We have a lot of people asking about our home and what it’s like on the inside so… voila!

The Living Room (Someday we'll buy a proper couch and we'll move the patio furniture to the patio!)

The Kitchen

Our Bedroom

The house is far too big for us but when we were looking there were no houses of appropriate size.  The main house has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and there are 2 or 3 (I don’t even know) outdoor bedrooms with bathrooms.  The guards also have their own little house at the front of the property with a couple of small rooms and a bathroom.

The electricity still is not fixed.  We have been contacting the electricity company since the beginning of October and someone finally came yesterday to look at the problem.  We’ve been told they will send someone to fix it but we aren’t holding our breath.  Luckily, it’s generally fine during the day and while it fluctuates a lot throughout the night, it’s livable.

We definitely prefer living in the house over the hotel even though we are constantly trying to fix problems here (things are shoddily made.)  It does feel like home for us and we’d love for you to come and visit!  (I promise, we’ll even buy furniture for the guest bedroom!)




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