African Luxuries : Electricity Regulators

5 03 2012

The electrical current is not very stable here.  We should be getting 220V at all times but sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less and sometimes it jumps around.  At the old house, one might think it was haunted at the rate the lights dimmed and brightened throughout the day but it’s much better here.  (Are you noticing a pattern here?)

The ups & downs are really hard on electronics and it’s fairly common for it to ruin them altogether.  An acquaintance of mine recently went through her 8th router.  Replacing TV’s, microwaves & computers every few months would get expensive so it’s much easier to use electricity regulators.

Basically, we plug the regulator into the wall and then our big electronics get plugged into the regulator.  The regulators job is to take the current, be it high or low, and stabilize it to 220V.  Hopefully this will result in the longevity of TVs, computers and other electronics.




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7 05 2013

Hey! My name is Maha, I’m in the 9th grade, I live in the United States, I’m doing a project on Gabon and in the project, you’re supposed to find pictures of Gabon, specific pictures, (they have to relate to our units) and I can’t find certain units. For example, until one, demographics, I was thinking of finding a picture of the flag of Gabon, for unit two, populatoin, I was going to find a not so packed road, reflecting Gabon’s small population. Google images suprisingly doesn’t have these (that was sarcasm), I was wondering if you could help?
Your blog has also been a great deal of help! I used your paragraph on how theres not real milk somewhere in my project.
Anyways, if you can, that would be awesome, my email is

10 05 2013

Hi Maha,

I sent you an email – or 2. Hope you got them!

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