Where would you live?

11 03 2012

Given our current state of affairs, Joe and I have been talking a lot about where we’d like to live.  Of course there are a lot of factors out of our control but if we had the chance to move anywhere in the world, where would we choose?

My dreams are big and thankfully you don’t have to worry about money in dreams!

New York City

Broadway, shopping, culture, museums and an endless amount of amazing restaurants to explore.


(You already knew about this one!)

Beautiful beaches & islands, friendly people, great food, tropical climate and having so many travel opportunities in the palm of our hands.

Cape Town, South Africa

We LOVED Cape Town and I’d love to have a house on a cliff overlooking the water.


Canals, bicycles and European living.

Sydney, Australia

Fun-loving Aussies, beaches, parks & great weather.

I could easily call any one of these places my home for a year or 2!

What about you?  Where are your dream living destinations?

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8 responses

12 03 2012

Italy – the food, the art, the way people appreciate life
Costa Rica – meant to be the happiest country
Cap Skiring – a beach town in southern Senegal, it’s a gorgeous getaway that isn’t overrun with tourists

12 03 2012

Oh Italy – yes, I think that would be a great choice. So would Costa Rica. After living here though, I think I’m done with West Africa but Cap Skiring sounds like a great place to holiday 🙂

12 03 2012
nicole marie

Paris!! with large terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower

12 03 2012
nicole marie

Or Laguna Beach in California with a house right on Victoria Beach.

12 03 2012

Malibu was on my short list too — anywhere coastal Cali would be amazing!

13 03 2012

Mmmm…this is a tough one right now! I am moving home, so I should say Alberta, Canada. I kind of feel that New York City has always been on my list of places to live, especially after visiting there a few years ago!

13 03 2012

Alberta – New York
New York – Alberta

I don’t know Jeanie… tough call, very tough call 😉

30 03 2012

I’ve only been to NY, Cape Town, and Amsterdam on this list. I couldn’t live in Amsterdam – too cold. I loved Cape Town so much and the weather was amazing. It would be so hard to choose but I think NY would win out despite the weather just because of the abundance of things to do around the city.

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