We’re Back!

7 05 2012

It’s always so bittersweet having to end a holiday and return to real life but alas, it must be done.

We had a most amazing time exploring the streets of Spain & Paris -and explore we did.  I’m positive we walked 20 miles a day as around each corner and down every, tiny side street there was something beautiful to discover.

I’ll be blogging city by city starting with Barcelona just as soon as we’ve had time to settle in and I can sort through photos.  I can’t wait to share it all with you!


Out of West Africa

30 04 2012

Of course, we always get excited to travel but it means something a little bit more to us these days.

It means getting out of West Africa.

Our every day regular life is spent in the third world without a lot of modern conveniences so the thought of visiting a place that has luxuries like McDonalds (which we never eat at when living in Canada but somehow seems a luxury now,) shopping malls, good food, etc. gets us really, really excited.  We write a list of all of the little things we want to stock up on and things we need to shop for because it could be several months before we get out again.

Here are some photos via Instragram of those little things we enjoyed on our first few days in Spain.


Nice restaurants


Different beer (for me, a Newcastle – for Joe, Sierra Nevada IPA)

Salads and fresh vegetables & fruit

Au revoir Gabon, Hola Spain

20 04 2012


Joe & I caught a late night flight to Paris and this morning we’ll be making our way to Barcelona where we’ll start our 2 week tour around Spain.

Don’t worry if this blog is a little quiet over the next couple of weeks – I’ll be eating paella, drinking sangria and soaking up all Spain has to offer.

Looking Back – April 2011

9 04 2012

Exactly one year ago, Joe and I were in South Africa experiencing the best trip of our lives.  Perhaps it was influenced by the 3 months of hell we experienced prior (robbery after robbery followed by months of homelessness and frustration) but this trip made our move to Gabon seem worthwhile as I’m not sure we would have ever done it had we not moved to Africa.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our time in Africa as we know it will inevitably come to an end and while it has been filled with many highs and lows, I only wish we had more time to travel.  Our safari one year ago has left me yearning for more and once we leave Africa, I’m not sure we’ll be back.  I often think back on it and realise how lucky we are to have experienced something so amazing.

Spring Travel

18 02 2012

When life gets us down, we plan a trip.  It’s the easiest way to pull yourself out of a funk and it gives us something to look forward to.

So… we’re heading to SPAIN!

We'll start off in Barcelona.

And then we'll head to Valencia.

We'll rent a car and head South to visit places like Granada and maybe Seville.

And we'll end our stay in Spain with a few days in Madrid.

Before we return to Gabon, we'll spend a weekend in Paris.

 We depart 2 months from now and we’ll spend 2.5 glorious weeks abroad.

Have you been to Spain?  Recommendations are welcome!

(Photo Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Why You NEED to Visit South Africa

20 01 2012

Every time Joe and I visit South Africa, we fall more and more in love with it.  (Read about it here, here, here & here.)  Yes, it certainly has it’s issues and I know there would be downfalls to living there full time however, it is a fabulous place to visit and this is why…

  1. Kruger Park.  One of the most famous safari destinations in the world and it does not disappoint.  If you want the Africa experience that you see in the movies, this is the place to go.  Animals are abundant as are safari lodges ranging from rustic to ultra luxurious.
  2.  The People.  From our experiences, South Africans are so kind and welcoming.  They have had such a vibrant and at times, terrible history but their resilience is inspiring.
  3. There is something for everybody.  Obviously, the animal lover will be in paradise but there’s the wine country to drive through, the posh city life in Cape Town, cage diving with sharks for the adventurers, you can see life in townships first hand and learn about South Africa’s rich and turbulent history.
  4. It’s Beautiful.  The Cape of Good Hope and up the coastline, Table Mountain, beautiful beaches, wine country and many more sites to take your breath away.
  5. The Food.  Delicious.  Fabulous meat, fantastic home grown produce and more restaurants than you could ever want.  To top it all off, it’s not that expensive!  Joe & I constantly revel at the bill wondering how we got all that great food for such a good price.
  6. VAT Refund.  In South Africa if you are a tourist you get all tax money back from your purchases.  Save your receipts and research how it works (it is a bit of a process and you must prepare ahead of time) but you get money back in your pocket at the airport when you leave the country.  Seriously, who else does that?

I know it’s a bit of a trek for those of you residing in North America but I promise you, you will not be disappointed.  Save your money, book your trip, and if you feel so inclined, invite us!


14 01 2012

After Mauritius we decided to stay in Johannesburg, South Africa for a few days to enjoy city life and stock up on anything we needed in Gabon.  We’ve been through the airport in Jo-burg more times than I can remember but had never actually ventured into the city.  You see, out of anywhere in SA, Johannesburg seems to have the worst reputation and it isn’t much of a tourist destination.  People are much more likely to head off to Cape Town, on safari to Kruger or even up to Durban.  Regardless, we didn’t want to have to buy another flight to Cape Town just to shop.

We researched the safest and most convenient areas ahead of time as Johannesburg certainly isn’t a place where you want to wander around blindly.  We settled on Rosebank which worked out perfectly as we easily got there using the Guatrain, a clean & safe high speed train that goes right to the airport.  Rosebank is home to a few nice hotels, a shopping mall and many restaurants so it was really easy for us to do all that we needed to do.  We did venture to Melrose and Sandton, both similar to Rosebank but because of our short time there and our big shopping lists, we didn’t do much else.  I had really hoped to get to the apartheid museum but we ran out of time.

Hanging with Mr Mandela at Sandton

Calgary has cows, Johannesburg has rhinos

Yummy breakfast at Tasha's Cafe every morning

Look at all the fresh fruit - I was in heaven!

We did have a really nice time in Johannesburg and while I originally thought 3 days would be too much, I actually wished we had a bit more time.  As I said before, I would have really liked to visit the Apartheid Museum and others recommended a township tour.  Maybe next time.

A note about security…

Joe and I didn’t feel particularly unsafe but we didn’t feel particularly comfortable either.  We were fairly cautious about everything we did.  I’m quite happy we had so many restaurants at our disposal in Rosebank because I wouldn’t have wanted to wander very far at night.  Joe asked his 20-something hairdresser about security and she cautioned that even in the nice areas, it’s not safe to go anywhere alone at night, not even to your car.  (Especially as a woman.)  It’s not a city you can walk around and explore because you don’t want to risk wandering into the wrong neighbourhood.  That being said, we checked with the hotel ahead of time before venturing out and had no problems.  Like we’d already experienced in SA, the people are nice and welcoming and we really did enjoy our stay.